IS IT POSSIBLE for a team of ordinary people, with assorted strengths and weaknesses to consistently deliver something remarkable?

Yes.  It’s not easy.  EOS® makes it easier.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® provides a proven approach to building and running a remarkable business. Using a small set of simple, practical tools synchronizes all of your team’s human energy to consistently achieve the extraordinary.  EOS isn’t something you add to your business, it is a simplified way of doing your business that accelerates you through everything you must do to get what you want.

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IS IT POSSIBLE for every person in an entrepreneurial business to build and live their ideal life?

Yes. In business, an ideal life is doing what you enjoy and do best, with people you love, contributing to something special, being compensated appropriately, with balance to pursue other passions.

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Why 87plus?

EOS Worldwide offers a free Organizational Checkup to measure how healthy and strong your business is.  The financial and experiential difference between a score of 52 and 87 is huge.  Consistently scoring 87 or higher on that checkup indicates a level of team wellness few businesses enjoy.

How do you reach 87plus?

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Why Don Tinney?

Don has a 35+ year history of helping ordinary, growth-oriented teams achieve better than ordinary results.  He has functioned as an owner/Integrator in three very successful companies and is currently the owner of 87plus and a partner/owner with Gino Wickman growing EOS Worldwide.  EOS is not theory for Don – it’s what he lives and practices every day.

An exceptional entrepreneur in his own right and the first “non-Gino” EOS Implementer, Don knows more about running small businesses and mastering EOS than most of us could learn in a lifetime of devoted study.

Mike Paton

Certified EOS Implementer and Co-Author of “Get A Grip”

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